Tuesday, February 7

SuperBowl 2012 Best in Show

In my post yesterday, I called out some of the standouts in this year's SuperBowl advertising lineup.  It was definitely the year of the D-O-G, where brand after brand used cute, adorable dogs to attract their audience.

My friend Mike Brown from Brainzooming co-curated our Twitter party #SBExp during the game and he made this very astute observation:  the "party" you were at became a serious factor in how you react to a spot.  Loud and crazy party, then the subtlety of Chrysler's "Second Half" would not resonate, as an example.  Or if you are alone at home intensely watching the game, then the launch of Bud Light Platinum may bore you to tears.

So it's time for me to pick "Best in Show," at least from my perspective.  The ad that I think hit it during the game, regardless of your viewing situation.  The ad that resonated with women and men, and took the "Year of the Dog" and owned it.

Bud Light "Here Weego!"

Best in Show, why?

First of all, it was a departure from the standard beer commercial.  Sure it was a social setting and there were lots of beautiful people drinking beer, but it just felt different.  Less stereotyped with bikini girls and gawking guys.  And it launched a new "spokesperson" for the brand, Weego, yet it tied to a running brand there of "Here We Go!".

Second of all, it featured a rescue dog and it highlighted the brand's initiative to help save animals in rescue shelters.  That was cool.  Shows that the brand understands its young demographic:  they care about giving back and they want to see what you are doing as a brand.

Thirdly, it had a strong call to action (aside from buying beer) to go to the brand's Facebook page to like it and donate to rescue shelters.  Social media integration, cause marketing, and an action step for consumers. Score.

And lastly, I believe that it would work in any party setting.  Even with loud music and conversation, you could still see what was going on and the "type" on the screen still told you what to do.  And certainly seeing it with focused eyes and ears gave the viewer entertainment pleasure as well.

I was on TheStreet.com yesterday, talking about this very spot.  You can see my interview here.

So I give Bud Light "Here Weego" Best in Show!  What's your experience?  Jim.

Jim Joseph
President of Lippe Taylor
Author of The Experience Effect series
Professor at NYU

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