Friday, February 3

SuperBowl Advertising Preview

The SuperBowl is once again upon us, and folks are talking just as much about the advertising as they are about the game.  Previewing the advertising has become a frenzied sport, even The Today Show did an entire segment showcasing some of the upcoming advertising.  It's a marketer's dream!

Please join us live on Twitter during the game where we will be commenting on all the advertising as it is being shown.  Use the hashtag #SBExp.  We did it last year and it was a blast.

I understand why advertisers are spending so much time and attention to get their spots previewed.  Between production costs and media time, SuperBowl advertising is a huge investment.  They have to spread it out and try to get more bang for the buck as they say.  So they tweet about it, post it on YouTube, get it shown on "news" shows --- anything to get more eyeballs on it.  I get it and recommend it for all my clients.  Social media has become as important to SuperBowl advertising as, well, the SuperBowl itself.

For me, though, I'm not participating ... yet.  I'm a little old school here.  I want to see them live during the game, for the first time, and enjoy that initial reaction.  When we are tweeting during the game, I want my reactions to be real time, not thought through ahead of time.  Sure I will go back and watch them again and again on YouTube, especially the ones I like, but only after I've gotten the real experience of television advertising and the SuperBowl.

I have seen a couple previews, and the entertainment value is certainly there.  It's also nice to see the extended versions (sort of like the "director's cut) -- lots of fun.  Like this one from Honda:

What's great about this spot, is that it's part of Honda's comprehensive "Leap List" campaign and a great insight about "getting out there" and enjoying life.  Love it.

For the most part, though, I am staying away until game time.  Am I not being "modern?"  Perhaps, but just trying to keep those tweets sincere.

What are you going to do?  What's your experience?  Jim. (see you at #SBExp)

Jim Joseph
President of Lippe Taylor
Author of The Experience Effect 
Professor at NYU

My new book The Experience Effect for Small Business is out!  Big brand theory for small business owners.


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