Thursday, March 8

The Restaurant Barton G

Popcorn Shrimp
I'm a self-diagnosed foodie ... not so much the chef kind but more the restaurant lover foodie. I'm a sucker for a great restaurant experience. For me it's theater and entertainment in its greatest form.

So when I find a restaurant that delivers a beyond-belief experience, I make it my own. As much as I can. Which is why every time I go to Miami, I go to Barton G.

Barton G is perhaps one of the most creative dining experiences on the planet, certainly anything that I have frequented. Each dish is themed and choreographed with over the top accessories to accompany amazingly delicious food.  It's a wow, and I love to bring new friends there because it's such an unexpected experience.

Signature Cocktail

The gourmet mac and cheese is serviced on an over sized mousetrap. The salmon comes with a huge fishhook. The lobster pop tarts come in a toaster. A real toaster. And just when you think you can't take it anymore, comes the funnel cakes for dessert served in a carnival game that you can actually play.

Out of control.  Of course the experience starts right from the start with menus that are actually iPads and drinks that steam, fizzle, and froth.  It's a brand experience beyond compare, and one that I share as often as I can. I was just in Miami this week and took a bunch of colleagues there. Fabulous!  To top it off the next day, the restaurant responded to one of my colleague's tweets, and we had an entire tweet exchange.  Of course.

Ice Cream Sundae
For me, building a brand is all about creating a consistent experience -- which is exactly what makes Barton G such an amazingly unique brand.  Of course I was also with some pretty incredible people, which is what really made the experience even more memorable.  For the record books.

What's your experience? Jim.

Jim Joseph
President of Cohn & Wolfe, North America
Author of "The Experience Effect" series
Professor at NYU


  1. What an amazing place! Love that you shared!

  2. A seriously over the top experience that has to be enjoyed! Jim.

  3. Since I was one of the grateful guests that was invited to join Jim on this adventure, I will second his comments. It's the WOW factor that just continues to deliver throughout the entire experience. Plenty of places for them to drop the ball, per se, and not once did they disappoint!

  4. Who doesn't love a carnival?! From the laughing buddha Martini to the mini fireworks on a Sundae...sparks your childhood wonder. It was a truly fun time experienced by all. Great choice Jim!