Friday, March 16

St. Patrick's Day Promotion

 I love a good holiday promotion, I really do.  And I love a good french fry, so imagine my delight when I saw this little ditty from Burger King.

All weekend long, in honor of St. Patrick's Day, the brand is giving away free french fries with ... get this ... green Heinz ketchup (Heinz St. Paddy's Sauce)!

Now that has to make you smile!

But it's got tough competition I have to say.  It's long been a tradition of mine to get Shamrock Shakes from McDonald's during the St. Patrick's Day season.  Started when I was a kid and then passed it on to my kids.  No reason to stop now, calo
ries and all, especially now that it's part of McCafe.

Is there room for both?  You betcha ... it's a holiday!  I'm going to enjoy it all right after some green beer, another tradition that started for me in Syracuse as a young adult ... a huge Irish community (me being one of them). 

Hope you partake in your own holiday promotion, one way or the other.  Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day!

What's your experience?  Jim.

Jim Joseph
President of North America at Cohn & Wolfe
Author of "The Experience Effect" and "The Experience Effect for Small Business"
Professor at NYU

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