Thursday, April 12

Kraft Mac & Cheese & The Old Birds

Now this is fun ... and a great way to create a meaningful brand experience via social media.

Full disclosure here - when my kids were super young, Kraft Mac & Cheese was a staple in our house.  It got me through many a long day, I can tell you that!

In honor of its 75th Anniversary, Kraft Mac & Cheese hired two grandmothers to take over the brand's social media outlets, tweeting and posting their hearts out.  The thinking behind the choice?  They've been eating Kraft Mac & Cheese for over 75 years!  They're called "The Old Birds" and they've become quite the rage already.

Timing couldn't be better ... Betty White at age 90 just joined Twitter ... highly anticipated ever since the Facebook campaign to get her on SNL awhile back.  "Old Birds, New Tweets," as the brand states on the Twitter page.

They will only be guest posting for a few days, but watching these women tackle technology and social media is just plain awesome.  The posts are a riot ... and range from their grandchildren to other grandmothers to kids of all ages, as they say.  How refreshing to see a brand use social media in a novel way to not only celebrate a milestone, but also connect with consumers.  The notion of using consumers as guest social media spokespeople is a lot of fun.

I'm sorry but you gotta love it ... makes me smile!  What's your experience?  Jim.

Jim Joseph
President, Cohn & Wolfe North America
Author, The Experience Effect and The Experience Effect for Small Business
Professor, NYU


  1. Dear Kraft
    I am eating a bowl of Macaroni & Cheese Blue Box. I have been eating this since the 1950's
    I am however sadly to say disappointed in the changes you have made to it. The noodles are not the little skinny ones you use to have and the cheese is terrible. PLEASE GO BACK TO THE OLD recepie you had in the 1960's Why ruin a winner. This might be new but it is not improved. I will watch patiently at my grocers to see if "OLD SCHOOL" Mac & Cheese re-appears. I shure hope so. I did love it so much, but I really dislike the thick creamy version you have now. Please return to the old
    version. Thanks for listening. Respectfully, An OLD fan.

  2. I am sure that they will appreciate the feedback. JIM