Thursday, May 10

A Family Tradition is Born ...

... on Mother's Day!

Social media is an amazing cultural phenomenon that I have completely embraced.  Yes partly because it gives me a platform to do my craft, but also because it has connected me with people that I would have never met before.  In ways that we would never have thought possible even just a couple years back.

Family Foodie is one of them.  An amazing Mom, Foodie, and Blogger ... probably in that order!  We became fast social media friends, and I love her to death.  Her views on eating around the family table are inspiring ... no matter where the table.  Especially #SundaySupper.

She asked me to write a guest blog post in honor of Mother's Day.  Not realizing it at the time, as I started to write I was flooded with memories and a revelation hit me.

Read it here, as my post for the day!

Happy Mother's Day to all who nourish and care, whether you are an "official" Mother or not.

What's your experience?  Jim.

Jim Joseph
President, Cohn & Wolfe North America
Author, The Experience Effect and The Experience Effect for Small Business
Professor, NYU


  1. This was an awesome Mother's Day Gift! Thank you for your kind words. They mean so much to me.