Tuesday, May 8

Fifty Shades of Grey

There's a huge cultural phenomenon happening right under our noses ... on our e-books.

Fifty Shades of Grey - a new book (a trilogy actually), evidently born out of the Twilight series, that is all the rage.  It's quite sexy and salacious, hence the hype and it's quite popular among women over 35, hence the drama.  Some are calling it Mommy Porn ... from what I hear one might even say Granny Porn.  I hear the writing isn't exactly stellar, the but content keeps the pages turning regardless.

With the movie rights being negotiated, this little property may be well on its way to being a brand, much like Twilight and Harry Potter.  The jury is still out whether this will be a hot flash in the pan or an enduring presence that becomes a powerful brand, but it's fun to watch.  Maybe we'll even eventually see "accessories" pop up as brand extensions!

Like any good marketer would do,  I find myself asking, "so what's the insight?"  A couple of things I think:
- e-books has given consumers the opportunity to read in public, in private, anything their hearts desire
- social media has given us the platform to share our thoughts on such topics, without recourse really
- a little bit of "bad" feels so good, where ever we can get it
- the traditional wants and desires of the different genders continues to "evolve", as has pop culture's willingness to accept them without (too much) judgement

Have you given it a read yet?  What's your experience?  Jim.

Jim Joseph
President, Cohn & Wolfe North America
Author, The Experience Effect and The Experience Effect for Small Business
Professor, NYU


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