Friday, May 11

Predicar Con El Ejemplo

Or in English ... Lead By Example.

I am visiting our office in Mexico City, spending a lot of time with the President of the agency here as well as all the staff members.  It's a vibrant office full of life, passion, and commitment ... and really smart people who do really good work.

A topic kept coming up yesterday that has just stuck in my head, one that I've believed all my life and am trying to uphold every day.  Lead By Example or as they say here ... Predicar Con El Ejemplo.

No one wants a leader that pontificates but then never does anything.  No one wants a leader that talks about the good old days.  Or someone who sits behind a closed door and just asks for updates.

People want leaders who are in on the action.  Who guide and direct and who have a vision for the future of the company, but who are also collaborative and inspiring thought leaders who lead by their own actions.  They lead through action and they help the teams accomplish their goals.

It was a theme that ran through my head all day long, especially as I listened to the teams here in Mexico talk about their businesses.  As I think about all the great leaders who I've worked for through the years, this is a trait that I could easily pin on all of them.  Se dio el ejemplo (they led by example).

Nothing like a little trip to Mexico for added inspiration.

What's your experience?  Jim.

Jim Joseph
President, Cohn & Wolfe North America
Author, The Experience Effect and The Experience Effect for Small Business
Professor, NYU

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