Thursday, June 7

JCP Father's Day

In yet another bold move, JCPenney just released a new print ad in time for Father's Day ... the first of its kind featuring two gay Dads.  Two real life gay Dads.  Not only in time for Father's Day, but also during Gay Pride month as well.

Now this retailer has not been, shall we say, shy this year.  Everyday low prices and Ellen as spokesperson has kept the brand in the headlines all year long.  The marketing headlines anyway.  This new execution is keeping that brand right up there.

This photograph makes me not only proud to be a Dad, but also that my VERY FIRST JOB EVER was at JCPenney, in the catalog department and then in the men's department.  I even did some modeling for them as a teenager!

Now as fellow marketers we can say what we want, but it's the consuming public in the end that votes.  JCPenney is not making headlines in sales from what I understand.  And while we all applaud this latest move (so proudly assertive), will it hold up in the court of social media opinion and ultimately sales?  Either way, I say Bravo!

What's your experience?  Jim.

Jim Joseph
President, Cohn & Wolfe North America
Author, The Experience Effect series
Professor, NYU

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