Tuesday, July 17

Male vs. Female Parking Spaces

This cute little town in the Black Forest region of Germany sure picked a clever way of attracting attention. At first glance it all seemed very sweet and gracious, but on further examination not so much.

You see this little town created different parking spots for men vs. women, clearly marked with the symbols of the sexes. What made the spots different? Well the ones for women were exceptionally well lit and wider for one thing. Was this an attempt to promote public safety for women?

No - it's just that men are better at parking then women! Women need the better lighting and wider spaces to be able to park. Are you kidding me?

Now lest you think the mayor who approved this was publicly hung. Not really - accused of sexism only just a little. Word on the street is that he did it to attract attention and build tourism. For that, you gotta give the guy props. Guerrilla marketing at its finest! You can read about it all here.

Now is there an insight in here?  Not touching that!!  What's your experience? Jim.

Jim Joseph President, Cohn & Wolfe North America
Author, The Experience Effect series
Professor, NYU


  1. Ha, wow! The idea is sure creative when trying to drive tourism to the town, but the lack of explanation to people is what may have hurt the attempt. If they would have coupled it with something else to make the campaign (or whatever it is considered) more direct, a better reason to visit the place other than sexist parking spots. It is certainly different and obviously got people's attention. Nice find Jim!

  2. Such a good point ... they should have tied it to some sort of a benefit and/or some sort of attribute of the town.