Wednesday, August 1

Pop Culture Museums

I've been in a fascinating off-site meeting for the past two days, completely immersed in a whole new category with a whole new group of people, brainstorming how to better market a product and make richer connections with consumers.  Two days of marketing at its finest.  I've been in my glory!

One of the other participants made an incredibly insightful comment which honestly had nothing to do with the discussion but has stuck out in my mind ever since.  He spoke about how he recently spent his birthday in Manhattan visiting the pop culture museums of our time.  Hmmmm ... sounds interesting.

Want to know which museums he visited?  You'll be surprised ...
- Niketown
- The Apple Store

My jaw dropped ... partly in surprise and partly in sheer marketing delight.  What an incredible way to frame these little gems and an insightful way to think about these brands' impact in our lives and our culture.

I love it!  Begs the question though ... where do you have lunch?

What's your experience?  Jim.

Jim Joseph
President, Cohn & Wolfe North America
Author, The Experience Effect series
Professor, NYU


  1. It's a testament to how well these brands have established themselves as -- well -- brands. They have made visiting their retail outlets an actual destination where visitors can experience, interact with and understand the brand/products. Don't forget Sony - they pioneered this with Sony Wonder.

  2. How far brands have come. Stores are marketing mediums just like museums, where visitors/shoppers immerse themselves in unique experiences. What better way to have "lunch".

  3. I completely agree. Some retail spaces are the pop culture museums of our time. They are as well "curated" as a museum and as inspirational. People go to museums to relax, enrich their minds, think or get inspired. I have to admit, there are stores that I visit regulary to experince all those things. It happens to me, for expample, with Anthropology. This is the power of a well created brand, it trully gives you an experience.

  4. i love that nike is mentioned .i agree with that.The nike store in london on oxford circus is nothing short of an experience one minute your walking looking at the latest shows the next your walking past a pair of shoes worn by micheal jordan ..its almost impossible not to buy anything from that store because you want a part of history and you see nike as a historic brand