Tuesday, September 25

Emmy Best in Show

The E! Mani Cam - So Cool!

This past Sunday I hosted another pop culture Twitter chat party during The Emmy Awards.  Our focus was the marketing, but I have to say we did throw a comment or two about the fashions and the celebs too.  It was great fun.  It wasn't our first, we've done these chats for The Oscars, The Grammys, and even The Super Bowl.

After big marketing events like this, I always like to point out the "best in show" of the marketing.  This time is no different.

Best in Show, red carpet?  It became apparently clear to me that E! owns the red carpet.  With the Glam Cam and the Stiletto Cam and the Mani Cam, how could it be anyone else?  ABC tried, but just couldn't pull it off quite like E!.  The red carpet belongs to E!.

Best in Show, fashion?  For me, Sophia Vergara all the way.  No doubt, no one was even a close runner up.

Best in Show, advertising?  It was a simple execution, but I give best advertising to Crate & Barrel.  I'm not sure that I've ever seen the brand advertise, so I was quite surprised.  The best part though, is that the creative was basically just the classic Crate & Barrel typeface played out on screen, and it was instantly recognizable ... the sign of great branding.

Best in Show, product integration?  This goes to Audi, who filmed multiple nominees driving to the awards show in their new model.  Brilliant.

Best in Show, best in show?  Modern Family.  I love Modern Family and to me it's best in show no matter the show.

Were you watching?  What was your Best in Show?  What's your experience?  Jim.

Jim Joseph
President, Cohn & Wolfe NA
Author, The Experience Effect series
Professor, NYU

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