Wednesday, October 10

Does This Brand Make Me Look Fat?

The NFL released their new uniforms for the 2012 season, designed and created by Nike.  This is not a new event, the brands have collaborated many times in the past with new uniforms to launch a new season.

But this year is a little different.  Nike decided to use their new "body-contour fit" technology to (I guess) make the players look better, except it ran into a little drama.

So what's the problem?  Many of the players think the new uniforms make them look fat!  Sure, the slim and fit guys probably love how the new cut makes them look, and in fact they look pretty darn good.  A nice aspirational look coming from an aspirational brand like Nike.  But the big guys (and they are BIG) are not so happy.  They are complaining about how their guts are hanging out, and how it highlights their love handles!

Who knew these guys could be, shall I say it, vain?

So is the brand going back to the drawing board?  No, they say that the uniforms are meant for players of all sizes.  Indeed.

What's your experience?  Jim.

Jim Joseph
President, Cohn & Wolfe NA
Author, The Experience Effect series
Marketing Professor, NYU

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