Friday, October 12

Election Marketing

'Tis the season, I suppose. With the election just a few weeks away, we are getting bombarded with election marketing day in and day out. 

Sure a lot of it is about the candidates, but there is also a lot of activity coming from brands who are capitalizing on the pop culture moment. I thought I'd highlight a few of my faves here, just for a little election day fun.

Manhattan Storage - being po
litical is a major part of their brand experience so there's no time like the present to continue the aggressive outdoor and online campaign featuring witty quips about the candidates. There's no question what color this brand is. 

7-11 - speaking of color, this huge convenience store brand is continuing its previous election campaign by tracking cups it sells. You can pick a blue cup or a red cup to reflect your own views. As one of the largest sellers of coffee and soda, this is pretty big.  Question is whether this is a predictor of the final results!

The fact that these brands are doing election marketing isn't the only point ... The fa
ct that they've tied it so close to who they are as a brand makes it all so brilliant.  They've got my vote (sorry, just couldn't resist).

What's your experience?  Jim. 

Jim Joseph
President, Cohn & Wolfe NA
Author, The Experience Effect
Marketing Professor, NYU

PS - Jet Blue has been doing some mobile marketing in NYC to support the campaign.  Bringing it to the peeps

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