Monday, October 1

MySpace Making a Comeback

One of the original social media spaces, MySpace, is making a comeback.  Should I have ended that sentence with a period or a question mark?

Honestly MySpace was my first personal entry into social media, not for me myself but for my then pre-teen daughter.  I wouldn't let her on, until she got to high school and the school assured us cyber-weary parents that they had created a dedicated, safe space on MySpace for the students.

Then along came Facebook and the avalanche began.  And then LinkedIn and Twitter and the rest is life as we know it now.  It seemed that there wasn't enough space for MySpace.

Through the evolution of it all, MySpace needed to find a place for itself, like any brand in any category.  It needed to define its brand and find its audience, much like Tide, Coca-Cola, or United Airlines.  The brand chose music and did find a niche for awhile, only to basically lose its audience over the course of time.  It didn't offer enough of a benefit.

But it's back, with the help of Justin Timberlake, again trying to own the musical space in social media. Will it work?  I'm not sure, but when you read through the plans it has a shot.  Strong backing from some pretty influential people ... something that social media is all about.  A definitive stake in the ground, something that branding is all about.  And hopefully a well targeted audience that it can satisfy, something that marketing is all about.

How ironic that Justin Timberlake, of The Social Network fame, is showing how reality can mirror fiction!  At the end of the day, it'll ultimately be all about the brand experience.  If it's well crafted, satisfying, and unique then I'd say it has a shot at a comeback.  We all love a comeback, especially in music.

What do you think?  What's your experience?  Jim.

Jim Joseph
President, Cohn & Wolfe NA
Author, The Experience Effect series
Marketing Professor, NYU


  1. I don't think Myspace has a chance in today's social media world. Just like our music industry, the social media realm is oversaturated right now and unless Myspace offers something groundbreaking that no other social media site offers then they are out of the race. At this day in age there are so many music blogs and online sites allowing you to create a profile. With twitter giving it's users direct contact with their favorite artist there's absolutely no way a simple 'music profile' can compete with that. This day and age people want instant gratification and simplicity - no one wants to click and scroll when they can just @ someone or click on a link to visit their profile. Myspace was trying to do too much and lost it's 'community' branding. It became a huge machine with too much going on. Blogs, bulletins, top 8, crushes, etc. It's just too much. When I think facebook I think connection and communications amongst peers and students. When I think twitter I think 'WOW I can share ideas with thousands of people and someone somewhere will listen', and when I use instagram I feel like I'm expressing myself through photos. Each app/site offers me freedom. Myspace was trying to do too much. I think Justin Timberlake was a bad move seeing that he played in 'the social network.' I would've left that for Facebook.

  2. Well, I believe it would have a better chance if they changed the name so wouldn't sound like a remake of something old. Like, nowadays, sounds so lame pleople talking about having an Orkut account, I think it's the same feeling about MySpace.

  3. Emma Tupay- Since the music part of MySpace was my favorite part of belonging, I am all for it. My questions is if they can pull it off. They need to push out more campaigns in order to become better known for the music scene and up in comers.

  4. I think you are right ... if they can make the music experience valuable then they may have a go at it. Jim.