Monday, November 19

10 Things That Make Me Happy

I was watching this "new" show on Bravo the other day, and maybe it's because I'm in the midst of writing my next book that it really stuck a cord with me.

10 Things That Make Me Happy ... features "Bravo-lebrities" (stars from various Bravo shows) talking about the things in their lives that make them happy.  I am assuming that this was the first in a series of these shows.  This particular episode features Kyle Richards from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Jonathan Adler from Top Design.

What stuck me most is the complete dichotomy between Kyle and Jonathan.

I have to say that Kyle came off quite obnoxious ... talking about her multiple Chanel bags and how much they cost.  And then counting, yes counting, the number of chandeliers she has in what she then describes (#1 on her list) as her dream home.  In this economic climate, not cool.

Then enter Jonathan, who has everything on Kyle if you ask me ... he appeared to be so creative and humble.  His favorite things included a special photograph, his partners' flowered shirts, his ping pong table.

Now granted they each had high-low items (Kyle praises Pantene and Jonathan mentions Gap), but it was the style in which they spoke that really hit me.

Here I am finishing a book about personal branding (The Personal Experience Effect) and I am watching two completely different personal brands.  It is proof positive for me that the brand you personally try to create is a complete reflection of personal style and the choices you make.  All of them should be purposeful and decisive ... because they all build up to become your own personal brand.

Give the show a watch ... What's Your Experience?  Jim.

Jim Joseph
President, Cohn & Wolfe NA
Author, The Experience Effect series
Marketing Professor, NYU

PS - It's a fun exercise ... listing out the 10 things that make you happy.  Writing this blog would certainly be one of them for me!


  1. Reading your blog is one of my 10 things that make me happy. I always look forward to your take on things. Whenever I'm making a decision on anything to do with our branding, I say to myself "What would Jim do/think" ... You have really inspired me this year. I so value your insight!

  2. That is the nicest holiday gift I could ever get ... makes me so happy ... and I hope you get everything that you've been working so hard for. JIM