Thursday, December 27

2012 Favorite Blog Posts

Every year I do a review of my favorite blog posts ... no scientific analysis, just my pick of my favorite topics of the year ... those that put a smile on my face.  Here we go, hope you enjoy my list for 2013!

10 - When Marketing & PR Collide:  I hosted a really fun roundtable discussion about careers in PR which became a top 10 read for The Holmes Report.

9 - New NFL Uniforms:  even professional football players can have body issues!

8 - Middle Age:  IMHO, the best piece of advertising of the year.

7 - Ten Things That Make Me Happy:  the show from Bravo is a true take on personal branding, just as I write my third book on the topic.

6 - Anti-Aging Jeans:  pull your jeans down, take ten years off!

5 - More "Reality" in Advertising:  new legislation ensures proper brand communications, and it totally fascinates me.

4 - 9/11, Pay It Backward:  a real moment of moments, that put some new meaning behind the day.

3 - Rock & Roll Hall of Fame:  they finally "got it right," with the inclusion of Donna Summer.

2 - Should A Brand Have An Opinion?:  when a brand makes a political statement, isn't it just targeting?

(drum roll please)

Now for my favorite blog post of the year ... it just might surprise you!

1 - Drugs Over Timeline:  one of the most effective uses of Facebook timeline and an example that I constantly reference as the most creative piece of marketing of the year.  In fact, my team is probably sick and tired of hearing me talk about it!

Agree, disagree?  What's your experience?  Jim.

Jim Joseph
President, Cohn & Wolfe NA
Author, The Experience Effect series
Marketing Professor, NYU

PS - just for fun, here's my list of favorite blog posts from 2011.  My what a difference a year makes!

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