Tuesday, January 22

Inauguration Inspiration

All week I've been muttering under my breath that I didn't quite understand why we needed an inauguration ceremony for a returning POTUS.  It seemed to me to be a huge waste of time and money, and we certainly have bigger fish to fry.  Since Obama is continuing on in his job, I couldn't help but ask myself ... do we need all that pomp and circumstance?

Well having watched it yesterday (and having a few misty eyed moments), the answer is clearly YES!

These are cherished traditions that we all need, especially at a time like these ... at any time.  We need to celebrate our due process, and celebrate our democracy.  It's amazing that we are able to determine and then transition power so smoothly, and we need to celebrate it.

Obama is entering a new term with a new lease on life, and I find that incredibly inspiring.  I spent the entire day thinking through what I myself am going to do differently, and the initiatives that I am going to lead in my little circle of the world.  As he faces his challenges in office, we all face our own.  We too should celebrate that we have the amazing opportunity to face them on head on.

It was also inspiring to see the entire country, regardless of point of view, rallying around the newly elected President and rallying around the country ... feeling hopeful for what's about to come next.

I'm going to revel in that for as long as I can.  What's your experience?  Jim.

Jim Joseph
President, Cohn & Wolfe NA
Author, The Experience Effect series
Marketing Professor, NYU

Here's a little Beyonce for a little more inspiration:

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