Monday, January 28

Lip Syncing My Blog Posts

All of this hoopla about Beyonce potentially, allegedly, possibly lip syncing the National Anthem has my mind spinning.  We don't know what really happened, yet the national debate rages on about whether it matters or not.

It matters.

Sure, we've got bigger fish to fry, that's for sure.  Which is why I am sure that Obama has not commented.

We are talking authenticity here. 

Now I don't necessarily want to spark more debate here, but I will say that it got me thinking about my life, my job, my books, and my blog.

What if I lip synced all of those things?  What if I didn't really write my books or my blog posts?  How would that make me feel ... how would that make you feel?

Now I realize that many people use ghost writers for such things, and that's totally cool for them.  They have to manage their own priorities and their own brands.

But for me, my blog is my voice.  I can't imagine lip syncing that.  It's my point of view, my perspective, my thoughts, and ultimately my words.  It's me.

Do I have people contribute with thoughts, ideas, comments, edits, and sometimes guest posts?  Absolutely.  But it's still ultimately my work and my voice.  It's me.

Can't imagine lip syncing through that.

What's your experience?  Jim.

Jim Joseph
President, Cohn & Wolfe NA
Author, The Experience Effect series
Marketing Professor, NYU


  1. I don't know if we will ever know the truth, but I imagine the Super Bowl performance will be subject to a lot of scrutiny. She released rehearsal pictures this weekend which I guess is her way of trying to move on and send a message the halftime show will be the real deal.

  2. Yes, the focus will surely be on the SuperBowl. Will be fascinating to watch. Jim.

  3. Interesting way of framing this. You make a good point about your blog, books, etc. And they are quoted frequently, as you are. But with musicians, I don't think lip-syncing is all that unusual and in certain conditions and venues (or live appearances on certain shows) they often feature play back. They just can't assure QC (Quality Control) in all circumstances. I'd have more concern if they took credit for writing a song that wasn't their own or passing off someone else in a CD/mp3 or other recording that wasn't their own. But lip-syncing their own material doesn't feel inauthentic to me -- at worst, I know they may not have the range in real life as they do in the studio, but remember, all the things we are "sold" are highly produced and marketed. Not sure many artists could live up to the hype in real life. Just my two cents ... : )