Friday, January 25

Wrangler Spa Jeans

I'm all for product innovation, but even this one has me scratching my head (or should I say butt).

Wrangler just introduced a new line of jeans for women ... with moisturizers ... Spa Jeans.  Say what?!?

Yes, you read that right ... jeans with moisturizers.  Anti-aging jeans?  Yes.  Skinny jeans?  Yes!  Smooth legs jeans?  Yes!!  There are actually three versions for women with different moisturizing treatments.

One of them even tackles cellulite ... the Achilles heal of all things jeans.

A little hard to believe?  Perhaps, and that's the head scratching part.  But do I want to believe it?  Absolutely.  Just like I want to believe that my skin care products will make me look miraculously younger.

Do I salute the innovation?  Absolutely.

The key is will it differentiate Wrangler and bring it back on the hit list of jeans.  The brand has been off the radar for quite some time so it needs something dramatic to get back in the spot light.  Time will tell if this is the kind of innovation that will do it.  Certainly giving an added benefit to women, central to the things that they worry about, is a really good start.

How about you ... will you try them?  Does it motivate you to buy Wrangler?  What's your experience?  Jim.

Jim Joseph
President, Cohn & Wolfe NA
Author, The Experience Effect series
Marketing Professor, NYU

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