Friday, March 15

Playtex Fresh & Sexy Wipes

 "A Clean Pecker Always Taps It."

"A Clean Beaver Always Finds More Wood"

"A Polished Knob Always Gets More Turns"

"A Clean Peach Always Gets Picked"

Such are the headlines from the print campaign for new Playtex Fresh & Sexy Wipes.  Personal cleansing wipes, shall we say, for before and after sex.  The brand says they meet an "unmet consumer need."  Indeed.  Fresh and sexy.

This is classic marketing.  Take an existing product ... baby wipes.  In fact the brand already makes and markets Wet Ones and Personal Wipes.  Put it in new packaging with a new name, and give it a provocative positioning.  Make the advertising and promotion break through the clutter and viola, you've got a new brand proposition.  And hopefully tap into an unmet need.  Tap ... certainly a need, not sure that it's not met by other methods.

Is it an unmet need?  Does the advertising and the marketing content go too far?  Would you buy?  You be the judge of that.

They are designed to sit beside or to take "on the go" so if anything, they could very well be a signal to a potential mate of "all systems go."  Perhaps it could become a requirement for "all systems go" if it gets into pop culture.

What's your experience?  Jim.

Jim Joseph
President, Cohn & Wolfe NA
Author, The Experience Effect series
Marketing Professor, NYU


  1. Tuesday night I met a former colleague for drinks on 2nd Ave and he handed me the Fresh and Sexy coaster (Beaver backed with Pecker). We were laughing and a bunch of people grabbed some of the stacked coasters and passed them around. If buzz was the objective it worked in at least one little bar!

  2. Very cool! Although a bit of an "ick" which I guess is the appeal. Jim.