Monday, September 16


My daughter sent me a link on Facebook for a new product that she said, "you just have to check out."

Poo-Pourri.  It had the smacking of a spoof, and in fact if it had been April Fool's Day then I would have been convinced it was a joke.

But oh no, it's very much real.  It's a spray you use on the toilet right before you use it, to avoid all the stinky odors and the embarrassment that can come along with a good old fashioned poop, or "poo" as they say.

Poo-Pourri.  Even the creative looks like it could be a joke, but it's very purposefully done.  I guess the tonality helps to tackle a sensitive topic with ease.

The best part ... there's a line extension that is "styled and scented" for men.  Trap a Crap.  I kid you not.  Love the segmentation!

You can't make this s#@t up.  What's your experience?  Jim.

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