Friday, September 27

Tastes Like Chicken

Forget the cola wars, seems like everyone's fighting over the chicken category ... with marketing activity, claims, and creativity at what feels like an all time high.  Just wanted to point out two new pieces of activity that have hit my radar mostly because of how they depict two brands at a crossroads.  One staying true to itself and one perhaps taking a slight (or not so slight) turn ... you be the judge.

Chipolte.  This brand appears to be sticking to its guns, despite some recent buzz that may have indicated otherwise.  In support of a new app, there's a mini-movie and trailer (mostly online but also appearing on broadcast) that's been picking up steam, all supporting its quest for "fresh" ingredients.  I have to say that this brand firmly knows what it stands for, and has been consistent at every turn, as any brand should be.

Perdue.  We've been familiar with the Perdue "style" of advertising, or shall I say the brand's "voice" for years ... one of the first to use a CEO as a consistent spokesperson.  This season we're seeing a radical departure, in a similar vein to Chipolte, talking about the "purity" of ingredients.  Better sell?

"It's not what you eat ... it's what you eat eats."  Very clever.

These are just two examples of why I always say "marketing is a spectator sport."  It's great fun to watch and learn from all this activity.  Can't wait to see the results!

What's your experience?  Jim.

Jim Joseph
- President, Cohn & Wolfe NA
- Author, The Experience Effect series
- Professor, NYU
- Contributor, Entrepreneur and Huffington Post

PS - My company announced the launch of my new book on Personal Branding this week!  The Personal Experience Effect!

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