Tuesday, October 15

Meatball Obsession

The title of this post isn't just one of my random likes, or just my Sunday night tradition ... it's something I discovered out of the corner of my eye the other day while whisking up 6th Avenue in a cab in New York.  Meatball Obsession is the name of a series of restaurants opening around NY and NJ that seem to have my name all over it.  I had to run back at the end of the day to seriously check it out.

Not to be confused with the Meatball Shop, that I also recently wrote about.  That restaurant is more full service, while Meatball Obsession is more for on the go.

Meatball Obsession is a little pop up shop where you can grab some meatballs, all kinds of meatballs actually, either in a cup or on some bread.  Along with some "Sunday Sauce" (marinara sauce) to go along with it.  It's a quick experience that completely satisfies any meatball craving.  I particularly liked it in a cup along with some dipping bread.  Satisfying for sure.

I also particularly like the "Sunday Sauce," because for those of you who know me that's part of my family's tradition.  Every Sunday night we have spaghetti and meatballs, all kinds of meatballs actually, whether at home or while traveling.

The brand also has a nice social presence, sprinkling in commentary and an occasional contest to win meatballs.  Gotta love it.

The meatball food obsession seems be alive and well ... thanks to people like Dan Mancini and his Meatball Obsession who are keeping his own family traditions alive.  I'm going to pop in again today, since there's close enough to my office.  I don't mind walking a few blocks to feed my meatball obsession.

What's your experience?  Jim.

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