Thursday, October 31

Helping Young Talent

I just love my job, I really do.  Though the tough weeks can be a challenge, they get completely negated when one of those "pinch me" weeks comes along.  Last week was a "pinch me" week.

I spent a big chunk of time last week working on helping "young talent," which to me is the most rewarding part of my job right now ... helping the next generation of our industry get the experience they need to eventually lead their own agencies and brands.  Future leaders in action, shall we say.  It's this next generation of brand builders who will make our industry even better, so we have to nurture them.  I was so lucky to have a host of mentors when I started out at Johnson & Johnson.  I'm not sure that happens as much anymore, so these young folks need a place to learn.

It's the reason why I teach at NYU to be honest.  I love being in touch with the students that are learning our craft ... so I teach a full semester graduate level class plus a weekend intensive for those continuing their education.  Both classes for the Fall Semester hit last week, my favorite time of year in New York.

I also attended my first Board Meeting for the VCU Brandcenter, which is the nation's #1 graduate program for branding.  Helping the school build better programs to teach students what we do everyday is a blast.  And the company I keep there is off the charts ... very inspiring.

Lastly, I also announced the winner of the "Take Flight with PR" video contest for the Council of PR Firms at their annual dinner.  The winner won a round of interviews at a few NY-based firms plus $2,500 to help with their education.  Young talent in the making.

What a week!  I write in my personal branding book that we all need to find our own way to give back and to find a purpose.  I guess this is mine, although I receive a lot in return and it hardly feels like "giving" at all.

I want to do even more as time goes on, and make it a bigger part of my brand.  Thanks to you all for the continued inspiration.

What's your experience?  Jim.

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