Tuesday, November 5

American Horror Story: Coven

This weekend I jumped into a new trend in television programming:  binge television watching, or as some say marathon television watching.  I've honestly never done it before ... but I was dealing with allergies so I hunkered down on the sofa and turned on the tube.

I finally caught up on the series American Horror Story:  Coven.  It's a fabulous series, the third season, that is both phenomenal storytelling and superb acting.  It completely pulls you into the action, and doesn't let you go.  It was easy to sit in one place and keep on watching, episode after episode.

The show is written by Ryan Murphy ... perhaps one of the most versatile writers on the planet.  He's done Glee, Nip/Tuck, and The New Normal.  The man is a genius with a wide range of genres in his abilities, clearly.

I've been meaning to keep up with the new season, but in reality I quickly realized that it's best watched in a marathon session, much like a feature film.  Makes it so much more exciting.  Three episodes are almost like a movie, so I think I'll wait for three more to come on demand and then I'll do another session.

Next time without a head cold.   What's your experience?  Jim.

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