Tuesday, November 26

Much Ado About Content Marketing

There's been much written and said about "content marketing" lately -- the new marketing buzz word du jour.  So much so that I think "content marketing" has replaced "integrated marketing" as the "it" phrase of the moment.

The funny thing is that, as marketers,  I'm not sure when we weren't in the "content" business.  Just like I'm not sure when marketing wasn't supposed to be "integrated."  Isn't that what marketing is all about ... adding value to consumers' lives?  Content is how you add the value, beyond just what the product actually does.  And when your product is in a category filled with other products offering the same functional benefits, then the content becomes even more important to differentiate and add value beyond what the consumer can get elsewhere.

It's still a fun and lively discussion, nevertheless, so I am happy to be a part of it.  There are many interpretations and explanations for content marketing, and that's what makes marketing in general so much fun.

Like you I'm sure, I've read a ton of articles that attempt to explain it all.  Here's one that I think captures it best so far, with a really good example ... the best way to learn.  As I say, "marketing is a spectator sport," after all!

Click here to read it ... featuring Coca-Cola and their new content marketing strategy as it relates to their corporate website.

What's your experience?  Jim

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