Monday, November 18


When I first heard about this brand, I felt immediate respect.  Then I saw the products, and I felt immediate interest.  And then I saw the brand and products merchandised at retail, and felt immediate desire!  I want to be a part of this brand!

Shinola ... a new brand coming out of Detroit, with the goal of bringing watch-making back to Detroit, a city long known for manufacturing.  100% American made.

Watches, journals, leather goods ... even bikes!  The product line is fabulous, and segmented for women and for men, although honestly it has a distinct "male" feel.

Shinola is not only a great product line, but also a great brand with a purpose -- bringing the mojo back to American made goods, using Detroit as symbolic of a great American city in need.  And using the watch as symbolic of returning a artistry back to America, where it was once strong.

The brand is the beginning, I hope, of a movement to bring not only revitalize manufacturing in Detroit, but also style, prosperity, and talent to a city that was once filled with all of the above.  And making "Made in America" relevant again and again.

Shinola ... "Where American is Made."  The retail stores are equally as fabulous, with flagship locations in Tribeca, NY and Detroit of course.

I just hope Santa is reading this post so he knows what to put in my stocking this holiday season!

What's your experience?  Jim.