Tuesday, November 19

Toys 'R Us Field Trip

This piece of marketing is the last of four featured brands that we spoke about in my class at NYU this week, and it's from Toys 'R Us.  I asked my graduate students to break down each brand's product management and brand marketing, making for quite a lively discussion.

It's worth noting that this particular video asset is yet another example of the "marketing du jour" movement called "prank-vertising," where brands pull a prank on consumers and catch it on film.  Many of these happen to be slightly scary or somewhat negative, shall we say, but this one from Toys 'R Us is sheer joy.

The footage has caused quite a stir on social media, and the brand has also edited it down into consumable segments for broadcast advertising.  Perfect timing for the holidays, I am sure as planned.

I asked my students to analyze the branding, and they came up with what I believe is the true spirit of the marketing approach.  Witnessing the surprise and delight on these children's faces is nothing short of awe inspiring ... exactly the moment you want when your children open the presents you give them for your holiday celebration.  Whatever your holiday celebration.  It's these exact emotions and moments you want to create as a parent.  Watching these little kids makes you want to replicate the feelings for your own.

Most likely the point the brand was trying to make.

Does it separate out Toys 'R Us from its competitors?  Well my students were not completely sure, but it did make for a memorable brand experience.

What's your experience?  Jim.

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