Monday, November 11

Veteran's Day Offers

Today is Veteran's Day ... a day when we celebrate those who serve and protect us, past and present.  It's a day that doesn't get enough attention, to be honest, and really should be celebrated as PTO to really give it justice.  We are all so busy going about what seems like a "normal" day that I don't think we give it enough respect.

But many of the brands are ... I am thrilled to see so many brands jump into action this year, giving free food and services to our active military.  I first noticed Applebee's, who has a huge advertising campaign offering a free meal to our military.  Yesterday, they were advertising "see you tomorrow" quite heavily on all the programming, including sports.

But happily the list is long:  Olive Garden, TGIFriday's, Outback, etc etc etc all have free food offers.

At Great Clips, veterans get a free cut OR if any of us get a cut we get a coupon for a free cut that we can give to a vet.  Well played.

There are also free car washes, coffee, doughnuts, and even a free bagel and shmear at Einstein's bagels.

It looks like a day when brands are giving back ... which should be what this day is all about.  I believe it's part of a much larger trend in marketing, where brands are trying to show a purpose and trying to find ways to fit into the community, giving back to those who are loyal to them.  I like this trend.

Thanks to our veterans who have kept us safe and our active military service people who continue to do so!  We appreciate it.

What's your experience?  Jim.

I will leave you with one of my favorite spots from the Super Bowl this year ... Jeep.  I've been using it ever since in my presentations and class work at NYU.  It's amazing.

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