Friday, December 13

Duluth Trading Goes Buck Naked

I've written quite a bit about the "new male consumer," the one who is super involved with his family, multi-tasking at work, and yet still has time to spend with his buddies.  This is also a man who knows how to dress ... he puts a scarf with his t, throws on a hat, and wears the latest sports coat.  All while instagraming from his tablet.

Well there's an underlying current that also threads with this "new male consumer":  he's a man.  A manly man.  He gets his hair cut at a barbershop, he grows his beard out for Movember, and he definitely hangs with his boys.

And evidently he wears underwear:  men's underwear, manly underwear.  The kind that doesn't pinch, bunch, or dare we say it ... stink.

Accordingly to Duluth Trading Company, their "Buck Naked Underwear" is like wearing nothing at all, which BTW is really what a guy wants to do.  This is the next best thing.  Or if you prefer, you can also try their "Free Range Cotton."

Can't comment from personal experience, but I do have to say that the advertising is quite compelling.  From a brand that's been around a long time, actually, but seems to be finding its voice.

The brand also sells a "Big Ass Brick of Soap" and "Anti-Monkey Butt Powder."  If you are looking for a gift for your guy, you can certainly get a pair of briefs packaged in a Man Can.

Just in time for holiday shopping, if you ask me.  After all, as the brand says ... Santa's Secret is that he goes Buck Naked!

What's your experience?  Jim.


  1. I have paid attention to this campaign too and love the no no nonsense simple animation and VO. I think it's geared towards the genuine outdoorsman, not necessarily the the metro sexual "out door man" (like me!). Perhaps they also might want to get the aspirational urban exteriorite too (like me) with slots on the golf channel.


  2. Good to "see" you Andrew, hope all is well! Jim.