Wednesday, December 4

Newsweek Goes Back to Print

Now that's a headline that seems out of print.

In an interesting retro turn of events, the magazine Newsweek that not long ago went all digital is now going back to the presses to include an offline version.  A weekly offline version.

Holy paper chase, Batman!

Is it a concerted effort to revive sales?  An acknowledgement of how their consumers choose to receive their "news?"  A leadership move that will set a trend to come?

Is everything old new again?

It feels off to me, to be honest.  News has become so of the moment, that it's hard to believe that readers will wait for the hard copy to come out when news appears so much faster online.  Unless of couse the paper version somehow has so much more value in terms of content in written or visual form. But I don't know if that's the Newsweek "brand."

We will have to keep an eye out on this one. What's your experience?  Jim.

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