Thursday, December 12

Ron Burgundy

This is perhaps the best movie marketing that I have ever witnessed.

But this is no ordinary movie release, this is the launch of Anchorman 2 ... a sequel to one of the most iconic of comedies ever created IMHO.

Admitedly, I'm not much of a Will Ferrell fan but his character of Ron Burgundy is hard to beat.

To promote the upcoming release of the movie, Will has been making appearances all over the country in the character of Ron Burgundy, doing news interviews as the Anchorman.

Now this is a style of humor that doesn't suit everyone, but I personally find it hysterical.  I love character sketches, and it's incredibly impressive to see Will Ferrell in such consistent character but doing so in real life situations.

Here's a clip of him interviewing Peyton Manning for ESPN:

Ron Burgundy has made an appearance on local news in North Dakota for Black Friday:

I'm not sure that I've ever seen a movie character go out in real life before.  With social media, of course it then spreads like wild fire.  Movie promotions tend to be pretty formulaic, so we have to give props for the originality.  The funny thing is that Ron Burgundy is more famous than the movie itself; he's a brand unto himself.

The trick with these movie releases is that often the hype is more hysterical than the movie itself.  Given the nostalgia of this one, and the fact that it's Judd Apatow I have a feeling we won't be disappointed.

What's your experience?  Jim.

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