Sunday, December 22

The Tweet Heard 'Round the World

I'm commenting on this matter, because it's a perfect example of a topic in my latest book about personal branding and my personal branding column at Entrepreneur.

The topic is how to manage your personal reputation, which must be done carefully and consistently ... acknowledging that one small post can damage it in a minute.

Such was the case just a few days ago with Justine Sacco, who allegedly carelessly tweeted inappropriate and insensitive (let's leave it at that) comments while in route to Africa.  She almost instantly lost her job as a result, amidst a global media explosion that happened before she had even landed at her destination.  Her personal "crisis" is now the first topic that pops up when her name is searched online, completely eliminating what perhaps could have been a list of accomplishments.  Proving that managing your reputation has both personal and professional implications, with blurred lines in between and all around ... affecting her career, her family, and the company she worked for ... not to mention the innocent people offended by her comments.

CNN called it "Trial by Social Media."

The post I recently wrote on the topic of personal reputation management can be read here.  Let's all learn a lesson on this one, please.

What's your experience?  Jim.

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