Thursday, January 16

2014 #Exp Calendar

If you're in marketing, then I believe it's vital to stay on top of pop culture.  It gives you a window into how our consumers are spending their time, what entertains them, what they're wearing, the music they like, and in many cases what influences them.

A couple years ago I started hosting Twitter parties during the big pop culture events ... I started out with the Super Bowl and it kind of took off from there.

We have a blast during the big pop culture moments throughout the year, tweeting and commenting on the marketing, fashion, celebrities, and activity in the moment.  

Each event has its own #Exp hashtag to follow along on the conversation.  We kicked off this year with #GGExp for The Golden Globes on January 12th.

Many have asked for a full schedule for the year, so here you go: 

Grammy Awards at #GrammyExp on January 26th

Super Bowl at #SBExp on February 2nd

Opening Ceremony for Olympics at #OlympicsExp on February 7th

Academy Awards at #OscarExp on March 2nd

Mad Men Premiere at #MadMenExp on April 13th

Tony Awards at #TonyExp on June 8th

Emmy Awards at #EmmyExp on August 25th

American Music Awards at #AMAExp on November 23rd

Hope we will see you there!  What's your experience?  Jim.

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