Thursday, January 30

A Kinder, More Gentle Super Bowl

As we get closer and closer to the Super Bowl, I'm starting to get a feeling for how the event is going to roll.  While many are worrying about the weather, and the traffic, and certainly all the celebrity sightings, I'm feeling a vibe start to take shape.

I'm feeling a kinder, more gentle ... even human ... Super Bowl coming.

Here's how I captured it for Huffington Post ... click here!

I mention a few spots in the post, so here they are for your viewing pleasure ....

Witness this spot from Budweiser, doesn't get more human that this:

Even Go Daddy, which generally pours on the sex, is going a different route this year:

We have to give credit to Cheerios for having the vision to continue their campaign, bringing it to an even larger stage for the brand's Super Bowl first:

And my absolute favorite, from Guinness.  It's a continuation of its "character" campaign, but done even better in Olympics style.  One of the most moving pieces of advertising I have ever seen.

We shall see if this theme plays out further, but my early predictions certainly point to a very human round up of Super Bowl advertising.

What's your experience?  JIM.

PS - Follow all the advertising as we tweet live during the game at #SBExp is the hashtag for a fun Twitter party.

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