Wednesday, January 15

Headphones as an Accessory

I had the same opinions about cell phones when they first came heavy on the scene ... sorry but they are not a fashion accessory!  Remember when guys would clip them to their belts or wear the blue tooth in their ears ... like they were sporting the latest from Gucci?  I just never liked the look it created in the end.

Well now it's headphones that some are disguising as a fashion accessory, wearing them around their neck like a permanent fixture posing as a tie.  I just don't like the look, even when it's Dr. Dre or Jay-Z inspired.

Sure, at the gym, a pair of buds makes you look like you're having a serious workout.  Or on a plane, it works because noise reduction has become a necessity.

But walking through the airport, or walking on the streets, just doesn't work.  Hats, scarfs, ties, clips ... those are fashion accessories.  Not cell phones or headphones.  Don't you think?

What's your experience?  JIM.

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