Friday, January 3

Ralph Lauren - Olympics Redone

I love it when a brand learns from its "mistakes" and takes feedback so well.

Over the holiday break, I received a catalog from Ralph Lauren featuring the new "uniforms" for the US Winter Olympics team.  Beautiful clothing true to Ralph Lauren style, photograph after photograph of different items I would most surely want to pick up.  With an order sheet for how to purchase all the items.  Also available online, and I imagine instore eventually.

(btw, full disclosure here that I am a huge Ralph Lauren fan)

Featured prominently, I might add, is the fact that all of the clothing is made in the US.  If you remember correctly from the last Olympics, this was a huge bone of contention for many people since the clothing then, while designed for the US Olympics team, was actually manufactured outside of the US.  Lots of people had lots of problems with that, so much so that it overshadowed the great line of clothing and how great it all looked on the team.

Not this time around.  The brand took the feedback and took it well.  The team is going to look stunning during the opening and closing ceremonies.  Bravo!

What's your experience?  Jim.


  1. What a great turnaround. I love Ralph Lauren too and always get at least one piece Olympic clothing. Smart companies harness missteps and turn them into marketing assets.

    I have been reading your posts all evening going through your top 10 blog posts and there is one thing that sets you apart form many other PR/marketing minds. You communicate in real-speak, not marketing-speak-jargon-lingo, etc... Your posts are about real moments, real people, real situations. You get down to the crux and soul of the subject. Cheers and happy new year.

    Best, Andrew

  2. Thanks Andrew! That's a huge compliment. It always brings a smile to my face when I "see" you here! Happy New Year! Jim.