Wednesday, January 8

The 2014 Pop Culture Season Kick Off


While it’s frigid outside for many of us here in the States, this is my favorite time of the year for marketing.

We’ve just rounded out Holiday Sales, which turned out to the adventure of a lifetime this past time around.  Then this Sunday night we kick off pop culture season with The Golden Globes. 


The Golden Globes is the first in a series of pop culture events that include The Grammy’s, The Super Bowl, The Academy Awards, The Tony’s, and then eventually The Emmy’s.


I love it because it’s pop culture, fashion, music, entertainment and marketing at its finest.  It’s a blast to watch, because after all marketing is indeed a spectator sport.

The Golden Globes also kicks off my own season of Twitter chats where we comment live via Twitter about the marketing during these events, using an #Exp hashtag customized for each event.  And we are in store for a treat again this year with Tina and Amy hosting ... creating their own united brand in the process.

We generally start about 1.5 hours ahead of time, to catch the pre-buzz either on the red carpet or the before-game festivities.  Commenting on the brand marketing for sure, and whatever else comes our way.

It’s a great way to stay in touch with pop culture and to stimulate marketing creativity by watching what the big brands are doing to stay current.  With so many brands now trying to market in the moment in “News Drafting” style, it makes it even more exciting.


So join me for the first event, this Sunday night at #GGExp starting at 6:30pmEST.  Don’t forget to use the custom hashtag #GGExp to stay on top of the flow.  It gets pretty fast and furious … with a little snark in between I will have to admit.

See you there!  What’s your experience?  JIM.

Here's the Full #Exp 2014 Calendar .....

- Golden Globes      January 12th
- Grammy Awards   January 26th
- Super Bowl           February 2nd
- Olympics              February 7th (opening ceremony)
- Olympics              February 23rd (closing ceremony)
- Oscars                   March 2nd
- Tony's                   June 8th
- VMAs                  August 24th
- Emmy's                TBD in August
- AMAs                  November 23rd


  1. Love Fey and Poehler as GG hosts and also Patrick-Harris for the Tony's. That's one of the best parts for me. Will be tuned in!

  2. They're becoming every bit a part of the brand. JIM

  3. Always look forward to your Twitter events!