Wednesday, February 5

Celebrating Diversity, Super Bowl Style

If there was a theme that emerged during the Super Bowl, it would have to be Americana.  Very befitting given what we've been going through as a nation ... and with the Olympics starting in a week.

We saw diversity take shape in a couple of ways.  From American made products by Weathertech, who turned the tables on popular misconceptions in manufacturing:

From Budweiser with a hero's welcome because "everyone deserves a hero's welcome" indeed.  BTW, great use of a "stunt":

The big surprise here was that this soldier was then AT the Super Bowl.  Well played, well played.  And well deserved, obviously.

And certainly from this Coca-Cola spot that has hence sparked a lot of discussion:

I have to say that the discussion caught me by surprise although in thinking it through I do understand the debate.  Many are questioning the use of multiple languages in singing this ode' to America.  Many have the feeling that it should have been sung in English, our official language, and by depicting people singing this song in multiple languages that we are actually talking away the unity of America.  Like I said I understand the debate, but I still applaud the effort and the beauty of the message, especially from an American brand like Coca-Cola.

Finally, I have to once again feature the spot from Cheerios ... a follow up to their campaign earlier in 2013 that sparked a great deal of controversy for depicting an interracial family.  Cheerios "one-up'd" the campaign, quite literally, with this their Super Bowl second appearance ever.

I find all of these pieces of advertising, and the social media discussions that follow them, to be quite inspiring.  Inspiring that they reflect things that are important to our culture and our ability to celebrate who we are.  Love it.

What's your experience?  JIM.

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