Thursday, February 20

Entrepreneur Barbie

Yet another sign that being an entrepreneur is in fashion!

This week at Toy Fair, Mattel announced its latest career choice for Barbie .. and she's an entrepreneur.

It's certainly a sign of the times as we see a boom in startups and entrepreneur ventures, from both women and men, thanks to the economy and the new generations in the workforce.  And we see that more women are entering startups then ever before.

We're not sure exactly what Barbie's start up will be, but perhaps there are some clues:  a pink dress (meeting lots of people in person?), an iPad (highly social?), and a smart phone (conference calls?) are all carefully chosen accessories.  She's certainly dressed for success!

I love it ... especially since brand Barbie is working towards staying relevant to trends year after year after year (for decades now).  And I realize that brand Barbie is also open to great criticism, which started again the moment this announcement was made, but in some ways that's also the sign of a great brand ... the ability to spark conversation, debate, and emotional responses at every move.  Not a lot of brands get that kind of attention.

What's your experience?  JIM.

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