Monday, February 10

Let the Games Begin, Please

Official Olympics sponsor Visa announced yesterday on Twitter that the Americans won their first gold medal at the Olympics ... let the games begin!

I say "begin" because all the hype and commentary hasn't been on the games itself up until now, but on all the drama ... drama that isn't so good for the Olympics, the athletes, or for Brand Russia.  It started way before the Opening Ceremony with all the human rights issues.  But we won't go there right now.

Almost in response to that, however, we have a Chevrolet commercial that debuted during the Opening Ceremony, showing the diverse landscape of our American culture and families, including gay people.  Watch it here.

Or this spot from Ameritrade, with storytelling that any parent can relate to, and getting to the real meaning behind the Olympics for the athletes and their families alike.

Or this piece of advertising from Kellogg's ... "see you at breakfast."

So sure, there's lots of drama and we can't ignore the issues surfacing before, during, and after the games.  But let's also remember the athletes and their families who have worked their entire lives for this moment.  I salute them.

What's your experience?  JIM.

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