Tuesday, February 11

Say "I Do" at DQ

With the Olympics in full gear, it's hard to break through the marketing chatter so brands have to get clever.  But then again it's also Valentine's Day which brings an opportunity to connect with lovers everywhere.

Which is exactly what Dairy Queen is doing ... by offering free weddings on Valentine's Day ... to celebrate the launch of their Red Velvet Blizzard.

(personally I've always been a fan of the heart-shaped ice cream cake)

It's a little ditty of a stunt that's capturing attention throughout the restaurant trade and with consumers alike.  Couples simply register by Wednesday 2/12 for a chance to get selected.  Then you just show up at a participating DQ with an officiant and 20 friends and DQ does the rest, complete with their new Blizzard.

A few things to note that stood out for me.  First of all, the promotion says "bride and groom" which feels a bit out of date to me.  What about same sex couples in states where marriage equality stands tall?  Nonetheless, it'll be fascinating to see who shows!

As my social media guru friend "Social*Fly" mentioned,  we didn't see a hashtag anywhere in the promo materials, which feels like a big miss.  This seems like a social media opportunity like no other, with local media chops that should get great coverage.  It's the age of the hashtag!

Dairy Queen is owned by Berkshire Hathaway who recently shot out the "billion dollars for perfect March Madness brackets" promotion ... the company sure seems to be getting good at stunts!

Anyway, I salute the creativity of the idea and the effort to bring attention to their product launch.  It's not easy this time of year.  Who doesn't like seeing couples come together, especially at Valentine's Day!

What's your experience?  JIM.

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