Tuesday, February 4

Super Bowl, Extended Engagement

There was a lot more going on the other night during the Super Bowl besides football and advertising.

Sure the advertising gets center stage and rightly so ... it's the biggest advertising night of the year bar none.

But the truth is there was a lot more going on off the large screen that was equally interesting on all of our small screens.  Perhaps even more interesting.

DiGiorno Pizza has been having a run with it so far this year, one pop culture event after another, with active tweeting in the moment.  The brand has figured out how to subtly and deftly put out comments tied to what is happening while sneaking in humorous pizza mentions.  Really fun to watch ... here's one of my favorites from The Sound of Music Live event back in November.

JCPenney was "tweeting with mittens," coming out with gibberish that got everyone talking and speculating.  Kia even offered the brand a designated driver.  Turns out it was just a promo to sell mittens.

New Castle beer is running the Super Bowl ad it "could've made" on YouTube, along with how they would have re-crafted other spots that ran in their own style.

Well into the game we got a surprise little treat tweet from Hillary Clinton, who used the game to remind us of her brand (and that of Fox).

But no one stole the night like Joe Namath, right at the coin toss.  Joe's fur coat lit up the social space like an Oreo "Dunk in the Dark."  Several local fur retailers jumped on the image, proving that Super Bowl activity isn't just for the big brands.

I have to given an honorable mention to CarMax who created a puppy version of its Super Bowl spot, signaling once again that it's the year of the puppy.

Too much fun!  Coming at the perfect time when the game itself probably would have gotten many of us to tune out, these brands kept us plugged in.  Well played.

What's your experience?  JIM.

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