Friday, February 7

The Men of Super Bowl 2014

We saw an interesting array of men being portrayed in this year's Super Bowl 2014 advertising.  Missing were the once typical men hunting bikini-clad women, but that doesn't mean there wasn't a buffet of other archetypes.  Makes you wonder what all those conference calls sounded like last year as these brands tried to pull out males insights to form the creative.  Hmmm.

First up, we have man as stud paralleled to a steer.

Then we have carefree man who is happy go lucky, lives where ever life goes, and is "up for whatever."

The man we all want to be, then and now.

Restless man sounds like of interesting ...

And of course, we can't forget beefcake man.

I'm trying hard to find the one I relate to the most  Maybe I'm little bits and pieces of many but that would make a very complicated piece of advertising.   Men just aren't that complicated, right? 

Hmmm, what's your experience?  JIM.

PS - Join in the live tweeting Friday night, 2/7/14, for the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics at #OlympicsExp

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