Friday, March 7


This is a follow up to my post yesterday about Amtrak's "Writers in Residency" program.  A couple people alerted me to another similar program from Amtrak called #AmtrakLive.  Again, an amazing idea that generates brand content by letting others share their experiences with the brand and their own unique take on the world.


Amtrak is taking thirty diverse digital and pop culture influencers on a ride from LA to Austin for SXSW, arguably the biggest digital and pop culture bonanza of the year.  While traveling, the crew will talk about their chosen field of expertise, debate issues of relevance to their industry, and share their experiences along the ride.  On Amtrak.  They arrive in Austin today, 3/7/14.

With scenery that I am sure is breathtaking ... you should take a look at their pics at #AmtrakLive.

I guess I'm mildly obsessed with these two programs because I would bet that none of us would put Amtrak in the content marketing bucket.  But arguable, they've been doing it for years with their magazine and website where they offer trip suggestions, profile people/places in destination cities, and basically give riders something to chew on.

I guess I never realized that the brand had taken it all to such a cool level.  Chronically in the moment experiences is exactly what others want to experience too, inspiring them to create their own.  It's simply brilliant.  I'm so impressed, and I'm going to follow this all out!

What's your experience?  JIM.