Wednesday, March 12

Chevy: Storytelling

For years now, those of us in marketing have been talking about storytelling ... wrapping your brand message into a compelling consumer story that will draw people in.  Hopefully creating an emotional connection in the process to drive sales.

Of course storytelling can take many forms, from very product specific (not much of a story) to a complete work of art (not much about the brand).  Either way, for storytelling to work the consumer ultimately needs to feel something for the brand as a result.

Since I live by example, and marketing is a spectator sport, I thought I'd share a great story created by Chevy.  One of my NYU students showed it to us in class and it left our jaws dropping to the floor.

Major tissue alert ... especially if you are a dog lover.

This example is on the farther end of the range:  full on storytelling with not a lot of branding.  In fact you'd be hard pressed to really even feel the brand, even after a couple of viewings.   It's in there, but for my taste I would have made it even stronger.  But the story is amazingly strong, especially when you can relate to it.

The brand's goal here is to create an emotional connection so powerful that you'll see how it can fit into your life and you'll therefore put it in your consideration set for the next time you are ready to purchase.

Did Chevy succeed at that?  What's your experience?  JIM.


  1. I definitely agree with your thoughts on this Jim - a very heartwarming strong emotional story that anyone, especially animal lovers can connect with. And as you said, the brand connection is probably too subtle, primarily through the overlay of text at the very end.

    I'm curious if there's any data available on the effectiveness of the ad for brand building or sales. My hunch is that the story/experience may be memorable/sharable but brand impact forgettable. It potentially can suffer the fate of the American Tourister gorilla commercials, associated by most of the public with Samsonite.

  2. I would imagine the data would play out that way. Although I think the connection with the brand could have been much stronger would would help with selling cars! Thanks for reading. Jim.