Thursday, March 20

Muppets Most Marketed

Be honest with me here, have you ever seen a movie more marketed?

Muppets Most Wanted ... premieres today, March 21st.

But I'm calling it "Muppets Most Marketed."

I swear the marketing started last summer.  That might not be accurate but it sure feels like it.  Then it came on strong during the holiday season; so strong that I thought it came out.  Now that it's hot and heavy again, I thought it was for the DVD release.  The marketing has been so long and so strong that I thought it had already come out!

Or maybe I'm just in the target market so I keep seeing it over and over again.

Granted, it looks good.  And if you are a Muppet fan then I am sure it's fantastic.  But do we have to get hit over the head with it?

Having said that, good marketing does get into your soul and under your skin.  And marketing needs investment to break through.  This movie certainly has done that!  I'm sure it will be quite the success.  Given that movie marketing is all about opening weekend, I wish the franchise nothing but blockbuster results!

If you see it, let me know what you think.  I may wait for the DVD that I thought was coming out!! What's your experience?  JIM.

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