Monday, March 17

No Beer for St. Patty's Day

Not one, not two, but three major beer brands pull their sponsorships of the annual St. Patrick's Day parade in New York and Boston.

First Heineken, then Sam's Adams, and then the late breaking Guinness.

The reason?  The parades were excluding any self-expression from the LGBT community and many called it discriminatory.

I say I love it when a brand supports its audience.   A brand should know what it stands for and it should always stand for its consumers.  'Nuff said from me.

In honor of the decision, may I present some pretty breakthrough advertising from Guinness ... "the choices we make reveal the true nature of our character."  Indeed.

What's your experience?  JIM.

PS - HuffPo ran a post from me on this very same topic!  Click here to read it.  Thanks!


  1. any thoughts about the companies that kept their sponsorship of the parade?

  2. Clearly their choice ... not sure there's a right or a wrong as long as they are staying true to their brand and to what their consumers want. I have a personal opinion but from a marketing standpoint it should be all about consistency of messaging and branding. JIM.