Wednesday, March 5

Out of Home Advertising

"Out of home" advertising ... now there's a term that certainly feels dated.  With mobile and social and digital and everything in between, it all feels out of home now.

But take a walk through the airport or a shopping mall, or a drive down I95, and you'll quickly see there's nothing dated about the medium at all.  It's gone mobile, social, digital and everything in between ... and attempting to breakthrough and drive consumer engagement with every set of eyeballs.

It's becoming more and more outdated to have a static message on a billboard; now they rotate, change out, dimensionalize, and move like their television advertising counterparts.  Even more so.

Here's a great example from a haircare brand in Stockholm, Apolosophy.  It's an "out of home" transit billboard a train station, and it actually reacts to the oncoming trains.  Amazing.  Even more amazing is the engagement it creates among passengers.

Amazing.  It's just one (amazing) example of the great work being done in out of home.

What's your experience?  JIM.

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